Baby food recommendations


When Clarissa was about ten months old, I bought some jarred baby food. She still didn’t have any teeth and I figured she needed more protein in her diet. We didn’t have a food processor so I decided jarred baby food was our best bet.

My husband and I are both allergic to wheat and then he is also very allergic to onions. So I wanted to avoid both of those foods in the beginning for Clarissa. That actually made it difficult. A lot of jarred food has wheat and/or onion!

I ended up at Whole Foods buying an organic baby food for about $1 per jar, but I knew that wasn’t sustainable for our budget. Then I discovered Beech-Nut at Walmart. I have four choices of meat and vegetables for 60 cents per jar. I started giving her half a jar at dinner in addition to her pureed vegetables.

Another thing that I discovered this summer was fruit puree in a pouch. I was at a friend’s house and she gave me some strawberry puree for Clarissa to try. She loved it! I liked that there was no added sugar. I realized that there are a ton of coupons for these too. I often get the Dole Squish’ems, Smuckers Fruitfulls, or the Delmonte Fruit Burst because I have a coupon. On Wednesday, my dollar coupon doubles at Farm Fresh, which often makes these 25-50 cents each. I am willing to pay that for the convenience. I don’t buy them without a coupon.

Another pouch brand I like is Plum Organics. They often have coupons on their website. They have a lot of options of fruit and vegetable combinations. Clarissa really liked their mighty tots line. But she had a reaction to the ones with greek yogurt. Poor thing seems to have inherited my wheat and dairy allergies.

I have found some gluten free puffs that Clarissa loves. They seem to be cheapest at Target. I often put them in her spill proof snack containers when we are running errands. She enjoys having a snack while we are out and about.

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