I love it when God answers prayers!


Today has been interesting.  And exciting.  And great.

I feel like we,  as a family,  have been in a holding pattern for a bit.  Almost two years actually. 

I have had some very frustrating moments lately just waiting.  And wondering.  I have other moments of being completely content.  I love my husband and my daughter,  even my crazy dog.  We have a beautiful little life. I enjoy being a mostly stay at home mom.  Life is good.

But we are dreamers.  Especially my husband!  And boy are some of our dreams big!  Asia.  Debt free living so we can be REALLY generous.  We want to see people healed.  Witness crazy miracles.  And who knows what Clarissa’s calling is…

God has spoken truth and planted some pretty big dreams. And so sometimes I get frustrated in the waiting.  I like to have my life planned just so.  I want to know how things will happen.  And when.  I am a list person. But I am not in charge.  So I don’t get to choose my miracles or when blessings come.

This morning I spent a while just talking to God and trying to remember and process some of the things He has said before.  At the end of it,  I didn’t have a ton of answers.  But I had a new perspective and total peace.

I just went about my day.  And then this afternoon,  there was a flood of answers.  Breakthrough as far as Tim’s job is concerned.  The beginning of what I am believing will be financial breakthrough for us.  Answers about if we are moving (nope.  You are stuck with us for at least another year).

I feel like when I finally get to the place where I just let go and stop stressing about something is when God really begins to do amazing things.  So I wonder,  if I could just live in that place,  if I would see the cool things that God is doing ALL the time.  Because even when things don’t happen the way I want them to or when,  I know that God is still moving on my behalf.

2 thoughts on “I love it when God answers prayers!

  1. It’s great when God answers prayer. I pray God would continually give you and your family His peace which passes all understanding daily . And His wisdom , love , truth , strength , and protection be your front and rear guard.


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