Life lessons from the changing table



(I thought about organizing the changing table to make it look better for the picture, but figured my readers would appreciate real life better.)

I so appreciate this changing table and everything on it. We are so blessed that the only thing that we paid for was the black paint. The table itself was from a friend who adopted a sweet baby boy (who is now with Jesus). I have spent many 3am diaper changes praying for her sweet family. My sister paid for the changing pad and cloth cubes. Several people bought the cloth diapers as gifts. There are handmedown blankets and changing pads. Lots of reminders of the people that God has put in our lives to support and encourage us.

Clarissa hates getting her diaper changed. Has for a few months now. I don’t think that there is anything physically wrong with her that causes this. I think it has more to do with the fact that she has to lay down in the same place for more than three milliseconds.

The quickest (and easiest and safest) way for me to change Clarissa’s diaper is with her laying on her back. But she fights it. She kicks and screams, rolls over and moves wherever she can. Earlier this summer, I learned to change her diaper while she was on all fours. Now I am decent at changing her diaper while she is standing up. Those are not the most efficient (or best or even safest) ways to change a diaper, but they get the job done. God is so gracious. Clarissa has not fallen off the changing table or injured herself.

I think we can be like my toddler on her changing table. God has a plan for each of us. Sometimes when he wants us to do something, we fight it kicking and screaming. I know that I don’t like to wait. We may refuse to be obedient or try to do something our own way. Doing something the way that we want may get the job done eventually but it might not be as good for us as what God had originally planned.

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