5 Things I don’t buy anymore (and what I use instead)


In my quest to save money, I have stopped buying paper products (except toilet paper. Tim won’t let me take that plunge…). In addition to saving us money, I think my kitchen is actually cleaner. And I no longer need to worry about running out of something, trying to find a coupon, or waiting for a sale either.

  1. Clorox wipes
    I have always felt these were expensive so I always bought them with a coupon. I also wasn’t thrilled with the chemical smell. This was the first item I stopped buying. Now I just use a wet wash cloth. If something is really dirty, I put some dish soap on the washcloth.
  2. Sponges
    Growing up, we always had two sponges in the kitchen. One was for dishes and the other was for cleaning. Tim always thought I was weird for washing dishes with a sponge. Now, I use two washcloths in the kitchen. One is for dishes and the other is for cleaning counters, etc.

  3. Paper towels
    I use washcloths for small spills and hand towels for larger messes.

  4. Napkins and tissues
    I was buying store brand napkins every few months and puffs tissues because I always had a coupon. A few months ago, we decided to use some of our Discover card points and buy some cloth napkins on Amazon. We bought a pack of 12 white cotton napkins for less than $10 and didn’t pay anything out of pocket. I think if I were to do it over, I might pay the $3 out of pocket and get the colored ones instead.

We aren’t super messy eaters so we usually are able to use the same napkins for breakfast and dinner. I can use last night’s dinner napkin in the morning when I blow my nose from using my neti pot. Tim uses the same napkin in his lunch box for work for a few days.

  1. Baby wipes
    Okay, let’s be honest. I have only ever bought wipes once when I was planning to use disposable diapers on vacation. But the point of this post is to tell you what I use instead anyway.

When I am changing Clarissa’s cloth diapers, I just spray some water on a washcloth. To clean her up after a meal, I wet a washcloth in the sink and use that to clean her hands and face.

So basically, I use a lot of wash cloths and cloth napkins each week. If the wash cloth is for Clarissa, I will wash it with the cloth diaper laundry. The other washcloths and napkins simply get washed with my towels (I do two loads per week).

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