Just walk already!



Clarissa started pulling herself up to stand around Father’s Day. In July, holding her arms up toward you meant she wanted to walk around the house instead of wanting to be held. By her birthday in August, she could practically run around the living room while holding on to the furniture. Since then, I have been waiting for her to start walking on her own.


I am convinced that Clarissa is physically capable of walking on her own. She just doesn’t know it yet. At this point she drags whichever adult is “helping” her walk. She is really steady on her feet and can hold thing while standing without support for a minute or more.

This week she has taken a few steps but no more than three or four at a time. It is like she realizes she is doing it herself and then gets scared and stops. I know I should be thankful because once she realizes that she can do it, there will be no holding her back. She will be running in no time.


I think we can be like Clarissa. God has put gifts and talents in each of us. Equipped to do the things He has called us to do. But sometimes I think we get scared. We are afraid to step out and live those dreams in our hearts. We don’t realize that God is really big and if He put that dream there, He can make it happen.

We don’t have to do it all at once. We just need to take the first step. The rest will come in time. Eventually we will be unstoppable!

One thing that I know God wants me to do is start a mom’s group at my church. But I was scared. First of all, I don’t know a lot of people. And I have only been a mom for a year so I am not an expert (I mean, I still can’t go to bed before midnight!). That fear really held me back in a few ways. I finally did the first step and talked to the pastor in charge of small groups. There is a process before you can lead a group anyway. So I don’t have to be ready yet. But I know that when the time is right, there is going to be peace and God is going to work it all out. So I am excited for that. But in the meantime, I am going to enjoy the process.

What has God called you to? What are you afraid to step out and try? What are you afraid of? God is a good dad so it’s okay. He can pick you up and hold your hands and help you walk to the next place until you are ready to walk there yourself.

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