Interesting facts from the Pediatrician (not all medical)


Tim and I took Clarissa to see the pediatrician today. It’s only her second sick visit ever, so we are very blessed! We saw a different doctor today because you don’t really get to choose who you see on a sick visit. I was pleasantly surprised. I think I liked this doctor even better than our normal pediatrician, and I really like her…

Anyway, over the course of our visit today, I learned a few interesting facts.

Classic signs of an ear infection

Last week, Clarissa had a runny nose from a cold or allergy issues for about five days. Then, she didn’t have any symptoms for about three days until she started coughing. Yesterday, it was more like a bark so I called the pediatrician. She is warm but doesn’t really have a fever and still has an appetite. The pediatrician immediately said that those were the classic signs of an ear infection. She checked her lungs anyway, but sure enough, she did have an ear infection in one ear.

You can get free antibiotics at Harris Teeter with your VIC card.

After diagnosing Clarissa’s ear infection, the pediatrician asked which pharmacy we used. Then she turned around really quick and said, “Do you have a VIC card?” I was confused, but told her that we did. Apparently, with your VIC card, you can get a free generic prescription of antibiotics. They didn’t even ask for my insurance information!

Give honey at night for a cough

You can’t give a child under four cough medicine. Period. But even after that, this pediatrician doesn’t recommend cough syrup. She said that as long as your child is a year old, you can give them one teaspoon of honey at night for a cough. Local honey is even better.

Norwegian Cruise Lines has excellent, free child care

I vaguely remember how we got to this wild tangent in the conversation. But, apparently, Norwegian Cruise Lines has excellent child care. My pediatrician went on a cruise recently with her family. She and her husband put their five year old in child care one night because they wanted to go out for a fancy dinner. So, they checked him in and he had a blast while they got dressed up and had a nice relaxing dinner. Apparently, it is very secure. They take pictures of you and your child. You have to show your ID and they keep track of your room number. They have childcare offered three different times during the day and the children are split up into a few different age groups so babies aren’t in with the elementary school kids.

Not that I am planning to go on a cruise any time soon. But if I do plan one, it would make me seriously consider Norwegian.

Soy milk is better than almond milk

Okay, this is from last month’s appointment. But it was from a pediatrician…I can’t have dairy at all. I tried giving Clarissa some and she got a rash, so she is going to avoid it for now. As the pediatrician and I were discussing this, she told me that breast milk is still great, but I need to also give Clarissa a milk alternative for the calcium. She also said that soy milk is better than almond milk because it has less sugar. But you definitely have to brush her teeth daily because soy milk is sticky and she doesn’t need any cavities.

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