Where I buy gluten free food


I am going to list my staple gluten free foods where they are available for the best price first.  If you don’t have these stores near you, try looking on Amazon. 

As a general rule,  fruit,  vegetables,  meat,  and cheese are naturally gluten free.  Double check ingredients for additives.  It is possible that an ingredient used to maintain freshness contains gluten. So just check your Wednesday circulars to see where those are cheapest each week.  I usually buy chicken when boneless skinless chicken breast goes on sale for $1.99 per pound.  The cheapest I have seen 93% lean beef is $3.99 per pound.  A good price for ground turkey is $2.49-$2.99 per pound.

If I had a large freezer,  I would buy my meat from Zaycon.  They have great prices and awesome meat.  The catch is that you have to buy it by the case (40 pounds)  and they only come to my area twice a year.

Asian Food Market
White rice flour ($.99 per pound)
Tapioca starch ($. 99 per pound)
Spices (I can get 16 ounces of garlic for $2.99!)
Soy sauce,  sweet chili sauce,  chili paste, any Asian sauce you can imagine for cheap
Rice in bulk
Rice papers and pastas

Trader Joe’s
Udi’s bread or bagels ($4.29)
Soy milk $2.99
Brown rice spaghetti,  fussili,  or penne ($1.99 is seriously the cheapest place ever for gluten free pasta)
Gluten free brownie mix (amazing)
Think thin and Lara bars
They have some gluten free mixes and premade things that I have not tried
joe Joe’s (gluten-free oreos)  are great

Whole Foods
Whole foods gluten free sandwich bread ($5.29 but bigger than Udi’s and tastes way better)
Soy milk ($2.99 or a 2 pack for $5.29)
Earth balance butter
Daiya cheese
Vegenaise (vegan mayonnaise)
Engine 2 brown rice tortillas ($2.99)
Xanthan gum
Carob powder
Carob chips
They have a variety of gluten free flours and mixes.  Sometimes is cheaper to buy in bulk from Amazon.  Bob’s red mill sometimes has coupons on their website.
They also have think thin bars,  Lara bars,  and Amy’s frozen entrees but they are cheaper elsewhere. They have a wide variety of premade gluten free snacks and desserts.  I am sure most are tasty but they are expensive.  I do like the Midel arrowroot animal cookies,  Pamela cookies,  and Snyder or glutino pretzels,  but for the price  I just make dessert at home from scratch.

Amy’s frozen entrees
Earth balance butter
Soy milk
Has some gluten free flours and mixes,  but it is different at each location

Udi’s bread and bagels
Soy milk (2 for $5.29)
Amy’s frozen entrees
Earth balance butter
Has some gluten free flours and mixes but varies by location

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