What baby needs from 7-9 months


Once Clarissa could roll over well,  she didn’t like her Adventure Gym anymore because she preferred moving around.  She used the Boppy a lot to play sitting up. She also spent a lot of time in her Jumperoo. When we visit a friend, she uses an Exersaucer that she really enjoys.

Once she was on the move and crawling,  she liked to play with stacking cups or to put Easter eggs in a bucket.  I would also attach small toys and fabric books to her high chair and car seat with pacifier clips.  This was great because she could play and the toys would not fall on the floor.

At about eight months,  she learned how to turn the individual pages in her books.  Reading became fun for her.  She also started pulling her books off of her bookshelf and trying to read them herself.  I stopped trying to organize them because they end up on the floor multiple times a day. It is not selfish to choose books that YOU like to read because you will be hearing these stories a lot. Some of my favorites are God Gave Us You, On the Night You Were Born, and Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You.

At this point,  she would take the first sock off before I could get the second one on.  So I only put socks on her feet when she is in the car seat ready to go somewhere.

Once baby can sit up well,  you can put her in the shopping cart when you are running errands.  I like to use a Shopping Cart Cover because she puts everything in her mouth and I did not want her sucking on the germy cart.  As an added bonus,  my cover had shoulder straps so she was more upright.

Baby might start teething soon.  When Clarissa is teething,  she will actually take a pacifier.  She also likes these Chewy Teethers because I leave them in the refrigerator. When I put them in the freezer, they were too cold for her.


The more your baby is enjoying solid foods,  you may need to add some sippy cups to your collection.  Baby may get thirsty when eating a meal of purees if you don’t plan to nurse again soon. As Clarissa was exploring foods, she enjoyed using a Mesh Food Feeder. This way, you can cut up a food and put it in the feeder without having to puree it. Clarissa could taste the item. If she liked it, I could make more in puree form, or just keep feeding it to her this way. She really enjoyed eating new foods in the feeder. Once baby has teeth, they may refuse to eat this way though because they want to eat the things you are eating. Baby will let you know when it’s time to switch to finger foods.

Now that baby is more mobile, you will want to start babyproofing your house with cabinet latches, outlet covers, etc.

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