What baby needs from 4-6 months


At about four months,  Clarissa decided that she hated her Swing,  which was devastating to me because that is how I got all of my chores accomplished.  So I gave my swing back and my friend let me borrow her Jumperoo.  Problem solved.  As an added bonus,  once Clarissa started solids,  she was never constipated on days that she jumped.

During this time she played at least an hour a day in her Adventure Gym.

Books are fun to add to your routine. At this point, baby will probably be more interested in chewing on the books than eating them so you will want to stick to board books and books made of fabric. The purpose of reading at this point is to expand baby’s vocabulary and to get used to the flow of language. That being said, choose books that YOU like to read because you will be hearing these stories a lot. Some of my favorites are God Gave Us You, On the Night You Were Born, and Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You.

At Clarissa’s four month check up,  the pediatrician said that she could start solids.  I had not planned on it so soon,  but a week later she had her first cold and had trouble nursing at times.  Whenever you choose to start solids, you will need a few things.

We use this High Chair. I like it because Clarissa can be at the table with us.  I can put some cereal on her tray or keep the tray off if I am giving her a puree.

I thought plastic bibs would be great because you can wipe them off to reuse them.  But honestly,  they were hard to clean.  I prefer cloth bibs that either snap or velcro in the back.  Just throw them in the laundry with your towels.

You will also need spoons and bowls with lids. I actually got some good ones from the Dollar Tree.

If you plan to make your own baby food,  a blender is helpful.  I have the book Top 100 Baby Purees. Basically,  I just take whatever fruit or vegetable I want to make and put it in a saucepan.  I put just enough water in the pan to cover the food.  Then I bring it to a boil and let simmer until soft.  Then I put the food in the blender.  I use the water from the pan as needed to give the desired consistency.  Then I pour the puree into ice cube trays and stick in the freezer overnight.  Then I put the cubes in a labeled plastic bag.  When I want to serve the puree,  I just take out an ice cube, put it in a bowl, and pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

At this point,  I think socks are still optional in the house.  At this age,  she loved pulling them off her feet and putting them in her mouth.  I was forever losing them.  I would put her in socks that look like shoes when we left the house.

Once baby can sit up well,  you can put her in the shopping cart when you are running errands.  I like to use a Shopping Cart Cover because she puts everything in her mouth and I did not want her sucking on the germy cart.  As an added bonus,  my cover had shoulder straps so she was more upright.

Baby might start teething soon.  When Clarissa is teething,  she will actually take a pacifier.  She also likes these Chewy Teethers because I leave them in the refrigerator. When I put them in the freezer, they were too cold for her.

The Boppy was fun about this time so that she could have some tummy time at a different angle or sit up with some support.

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