What baby needs from 10 -12 months


At this point, Clarissa really loves her books. She enjoys taking them off the bookshelf. But she will also sit and read for a few minutes. She especially likes books with textures like the different animals and their fur or books that are like peekaboo. Once Clarissa was about 11 months, she started handing me books to read to her. (Definitely make sure the bookshelf is stocked with books you like to read at this point…)

She is quite independent and enjoys eating solid foods, though that is a messy process, so make sure you have plenty of bibs. She also likes to steal spoons, so I always have several ready at mealtime.

At ten months, Clarissa did not have a single tooth. By her first birthday, she had 6! Once she started getting teeth, she stopped using the Mesh Food Feeder. She wanted to eat what I was eating. So I would cut up my food and give her small pieces of it. Note: After a week or two of this, she was getting angry with me because she thought I was giving her different food than I was eating. She didn’t realize that it was the same food, just cut up. So I started cutting her food and leaving it on my plate until she asked for it. Then I would take the small pieces off of my plate. Problem solved.

She enjoys snacking on cereal during the day. I really like these Munchkin Snack Catchers because she can hold her own snacks and not spill them all over the floor. Her hand fits in the opening in the lid to get what she wants. She can shake it, throw it, drop it, whatever. But the snack stays inside the bowl until she reaches inside.

As Clarissa is getting better at standing, she likes the jumperoo less because it stays in the same place. Now she prefers a Walk ‘n Ride Toy. This way, she can get herself from one end of the room to the other. She didn’t sit on it for long. She usually prefers walking behind it.

Clarissa also loves pulling herself up on the coffee table and throwing off anything laying there. She will also crawl over to her toy box and take everything out just for fun. She likes to roll balls on the floor.

Also, she is at a very energetic and wiggly stage. Two piece pajamas or footed pajamas that snap are easier to put on than footed pajamas that zip.

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