What you really need when baby comes home


Having a baby can seem overwhelming. What do you really need when baby comes home from the hospital?

Car seat. I went to a baby Expo before Clarissa was born. They said that every car seat on the market has to pass certain standards, so get what you can afford. Also, if you have more than one car, I recommend buying a base for each car. Makes life easier.


Sleepers. A lot of my friends raved about swaddle sacks. Clarissa didn’t like feeling confined. She was also born in August, so it was hot anyway. I really liked footed pajamas with a zipper. Way easier than snaps for middle of the night diaper changes. Tiffany has learned to sleep in a sleep sack.

Burp cloths

Receiving blankets

Somewhere for baby to sleep.

A place to feed baby.  Find something comfortable for you because you will spend a lot of time there.

Somewhere to change diapers. I have an oldschool changing table from a friend. But you can put a changing pad on a dresser or even on the floor.

A few bottles. Even if you will breastfeed, you will want bottles so that someone else can feed baby while you sleep.

A breast pump. You can read more about the benefits of pumping.

Diapers and wipes. If you want, you can read about how and why I cloth diaper my baby.

A place for dirty baby laundry

Baby shampoo or body wash. I say or because the ingredients are typically the same!

Baby lotion

Optional :

Socks. Unless it is winter, I would not worry about socks. Clarissa moved her feet so much that they kept coming off and then I was losing them all over the place.

Bibs. Clarissa hated bibs! She would scream when I put them on. In the beginning, I had too much breastmilk and it would spray her face and get on her clothes. But I had plenty of clothes, so I just changed her onesie after a feeding if I needed to. If you want to try bibs, get cloth bibs that snap or velcro. It is hard to tie a bib on a wiggly baby and when you are finished with the bib, you can just throw it in the wash.

Baby towel and wash cloth. You can always use the normal adult ones.

Baby bath tub. We washed Clarissa in a wash basin in the kitchen sink until she outgrew it. Then we moved her to the bathtub in the bathroom. We have a baby bathtub for Tiffany and it’s much easier.

Baby monitor. If your baby will be sleeping in a different room, you will want a baby monitor. A simple sound monitor will do. It doesn’t need to be fancy.


Pacifier. Clarissa randomly took a pacifier at six months and again at ten months. But other babies take them all the time.

Baby Carrier. Tiffany really likes my Tula. But Clarissa never took to it.


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