Pregnancy books I like


You can read as much or as little as you like about motherhood. These are the books that I read that I enjoyed.

I liked Expecting: Praying for Your Child’s Development-Body and Soul because it gave me a different prayer focus for each week of my pregnancy.

My insurance company has a program called Future Moms. They sent me Your Pregnancy Week by Week. I read a chapter each week. It was fun to learn about how Clarissa was developing as it was happening. It also helped me to understand what changes my body was experiencing.

Another book that was highly recommended to me was Supernatural Childbirth. I borrowed it from my library (Did you know that most libraries have a program where if they don’t have it in their system, they can borrow from another library in the country? I read a book from Illinois). The books has testimony after testimony of women who had pain free labors and really talks about faith and the power of God. It really built my faith. At the time, my husband had been applying for jobs in South Korea and I was nervous about going there and giving birth. But the book really helped me to believe that God would take care of us and provide family for us wherever we go. I bought the book Prayers And Promises for Supernatural Childbirth and prayed the prayers a lot at the end of my pregnancy. I did not have a pain free labor. It was actually quite difficult, but I do believe that I had a supernatural labor. I firmly believe that if I had been at a different hospital or had a different nurse, I would have had a c-section. Clarissa should have had some issues because I was pushing for three hours and for the last hour my mom and sister kept saying they would see her head and then it would go back in (the cord was wrapped around her neck). But she was completely healthy!

I wanted to read a few parenting books too so that I would be ready to be a mom. Raising Kids for True Greatness: Redefine Success for You and Your Child helped me to understand that my goal should not be to raise a happy, successful child. My job is really to help Clarissa realize the calling that God has on her life and then to help her to live it out. This author also wrote Grace-Based Parenting. The style was a little harder to read, but it was still good. The biggest thing I learned from this book: there are going to be things Clarissa does that I don’t like. That doesn’t always mean that she is sinning. It just means that there are parts of her personality that I don’t prefer (applies to husbands too). Ouch. Really convicted me.

Tim and I tried reading Loving Our Kids On Purpose: Making A Heart-To-Heart Connection together. It read a little clinical for us. But, the basic premise is that your goal should be a relationship with your child and not just getting them to do what you want them to do.

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