Who should be in the delivery room?


One of the things I really had not thought about before my hospital tour was who would be in the delivery room.

When we toured the hospital, they informed us that we could have five people in the delivery room and unlimited visitors in the recovery room. Your hospital may have a different policy. Check into the policy before you start making your birth plan and getting excited about something.

So I chose five people. Honestly, the five that I chose initially were not the five that ended up being in the delivery room.

I encourage you to really think about who would be good for you. Don’t invite some one out of obligation or just because you are allowed a certain number. Only invite people that calm you and encourage you because labor can be a hard and stressful process.

Talk to your husband about expectations. Is he planning to stay for the delivery? Can he handle blood? Would having your mom or your sister there stress him out? Would having his mom there stress you out?

My mother in law visited for about five minutes during labor. My husband and brother in law were in the room for part of the labor. They left when it was time to push and didn’t come back until I was all stitched up about three and a half hours later. While I would have liked my husband there, he doesn’t do blood so I was thankful that Joe was there to wait with Tim. My mom and sister were with me the whole time (and even held my legs for three hours!).

You don’t have to decide in one day. Take some time to think about it. Who will encourage you when you need it? Who would be willing to hold your leg for three hours while you push?

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