What to bring to the hospital


There are so many lists online to tell you what to bring to the hospital. You won’t use most of the items on those lists. These are the things that I actually used at the hospital.

nursing bra

two comfortable shirts

two comfortable pants or shorts

warm socks (if winter)

snacks for your partner or anyone who will be with you at the hospital

a going home outfit for baby



comb or brush



something to do during and/or after labor (ipod, kindle, smartphone, etc)


You don’t really need to bring:

underwear (sounds weird I know. But they will give you this mesh underware and a pads for the bleeding. You don’t need to bring your own)

meals for yourself (I have a special diet so I brought a ton of stuff to store in the refrigerator/freezer on the floor. But each day, they gave me a menu and I just noted that I needed a gluten free version, and they fed me very well all three meals each day)

a ton of clothes or diapers for baby

a baby blanket (unless it is winter and you will need one to cover the car seat)

towels for showering

pillows (Unless you are really picky about your pillows, they provide you with a few at the hospital)


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