Lazy Mama Chicken Pot Pie



I rarely take the time to make my gluten-free pie crust from scratch.  I will for a special occasion though,  so I will have to bake it soon so I can post that. But I make the filling over rice at least one per week.

Ingredients :
1/2 cup quinoa (for 3 people. I use 1/4 cup uncooked quinoa per person)
1 teaspoon Better Than Bouillon Chicken
2 cups chicken  broth
1 bag frozen carrots (12 ounces)
1 1/2 pounds chicken breast
1/4 cup white grape juice
1/4 cup brown rice flour

Directions :
1. Cook quinoa.  I put 1/2 cup of rice and one cups of water in a saucepan with a lid. Cook on high until the water level boils down to just above quinoa.  Then put on low for ten minutes.
2. In a large skillet, start better than bouillon and chicken broth on medium.
3. Add in carrots.
4. Cut chicken breast into small pieces.
5. Add chicken to skillet.
6. In small bowl,  add grape juice and flour.  Stir until it makes a paste.
7. Add paste to skillet and stir.

It is ready when filling is thick and chicken is cooked. Serve by filling bowl with quinoa and adding filling from skillet.

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