My Cloth Diapering Favorites


My favorite day time diaper is the Diaper Junction Pocket Diaper. The reason that I like them is that they are super easy to use. Just stuff with one of the inserts that come with the diaper and snap in place. It is a one size diaper so the diaper will work until your child grows out of diapers. My baby also feels dry for a long time with these. I often have to touch the insert because I can’t tell from the lining if the diaper is wet. The only downside is that they leaked in the leg a bit (urine only) until Clarissa was about 10 weeks old and her legs chunked out a bit. I have never had poop leak out of this diaper!

Update: Clarissa never grew out of this diaper. She wore them until she was fully potty trained at 3.5 and still had room to grow in them.

diaper rite pocket diaper

At night, I use prefolds and covers with a micro fleece liner.

When I was using the cloth diaper service, I had thirsties covers. I used two newborn and two extra small. The newborn size only lasted about a month and the extra small about 10-12 weeks. They were really good and I never had any leaks with them. Each size will fit your baby really well. The problem is that you will have to keep buying the covers. It looks like the only place to find the newborn covers is Diaper Junction. Any of the other sizes are on Amazon.


I registered for the Rumparooz Cloth Diaper Cover. I have three of the one size covers, and they work really well. The reason that I use them at night is because of the double gussets on the leg. I never have had any kind of leaks with this diaper cover, even when she was really small. I really like them because I started using them when she was about a month old and at nine months, she is still on one of the smaller settings. I think this diaper will last until she is potty training.

Update: She never grew out of this diaper. I used the same three diapers until she was fully potty trained at 3.5. She was starting grow out of them at the end.


I received two six pack of Bumkins Cotton Infant Prefold Diaper, 6 Pack from my registry as well. They say they are for infants who weigh 7-15 pounds. My daughter weighs twenty pounds now and they still work. But you can also buy the Bumkins Cotton Premium Prefold Diaper, 6 Pack. I don’t know how big they would be on a newborn though.

Update: I used the same 12 prefolds until she was fully potty trained at 3.5 without any problems.


Some people use Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners – Pack of 5 (2 Mint Green, 2 White, 1 Blue) to keep their prefolds in place. They worked well when she was really small. But once she started moving, they were more of a hassle. I haven’t used one since she was about three months old. The covers keep the prefolds in place just fine without them.


Once I started using the Diaper Rite Diapers, Clarissa preferred them because she felt drier longer. So I bought some Bummis Reusable Fleece Liners to put in the prefolds and covers. She doesn’t seem to have a preference now (other than the fact that the prefolds and covers take longer to put on and her wiggly self doesn’t appreciate having to stay still longer on the changing table). I have used the Diaper Rite diapers at nap time, so I suppose they would work at night too now that her legs are bigger.


When you are out and about, you can either put your used cloth diapers in a plastic bag to bring home or invest in a wetbag. I have an Itzy Ritzy Travel Happens Sealed Wet Bag and it holds about 6 used diapers and wipes.

wet bag

I don’t use disposable wipes. I bought a little spray bottle for like a dollar from the travel section at Target. I have about 50 baby washcloths (thought you could probably get by with like half of that). All I do is fill up the spray bottle with water and squirt a few times on the washcloth. I wash the washcloths with my cloth diapers.

My diaper pail is a 54 qt trash can with lid from Target. I have two Pail Liners that fit right inside. I wash the liner every time I do diaper laundry, so having two is helpful. You could probably get away with one if you had to.

pail liner

Several of the regular diaper rash creams will damage your cloth diapers. I have successfully used the seventh generation diaper cream. It was fine. I received it as a gift. But mostly, I used the Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Cream on diaper rash (and on myself or any cuts and scrapes Clarissa had). This is the one product that I gift to every mom friend I know when she is pregnant. They do have a product for baby bum but I have never tried it since I always had the nipple butter on hand.

I was using the bum genius diaper detergent. It looks like it has been discontinued as the powder. I haven’t tried the liquid to know if I recommend it or not.

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