Our Story: Diapers we use


When I was pregnant, my mom and I went to this Birth and Baby Expo thing on Mother’s Day Weekend. They had a bunch of tables with organizations, stores, pediatricians, you name it. We got to learn about cloth diapers and then play with them at the Diaper Junction table. I decided that cloth diapers seemed easy enough and it confirmed that we could be a cloth diapering family. A few tables away, we saw a table for Ecoexistence, which is a local cloth diaper delivery service. For our baby shower gift, my parents paid for a month of diapers.

When Clarissa was born in August, we used the disposable diapers that the hospital gave us for the first three days. Then, we ran out and started cloth diapers. The diaper service was wonderful. They provided us with a diaper pail, 70 prefolds, and four covers. At the end of the month, we had to give the diaper pail and prefolds back. But we got to keep the four covers that I picked out. We had two Thirsties newborn and two small covers. It was wonderful to be able to start cloth diapering so soon and not have to worry about laundry while I was adjusting to being a mom so I highly recommend a diaper service if you can afford it. But it was expensive, like $80 for the month.

After I gave the diapers back, I used an assortment of things. I had registered for Prefolds and covers because that is the cheapest way to cloth diaper. I only used the newborn covers until Clarissa was about four or five weeks old because she grew out of them. But I continued to use the smalls until she was about ten weeks old. I also used Rumparooz Cloth Diaper Covers with my prefolds. At my baby shower, a friend had given me some of her old cloth diapers. They were pocket diapers and the elastic was a little too big for Clarissa’s newborn legs, but I did like the pocket diapers. My husband preferred them because they were easier to put on the baby. But they leaked until her legs got chunkier at about three months, so I was constantly changing her clothes. The prefold/cover combination did not do that because the legs had double gussets which fit her legs better.

At the beginning of October, Diaper Junction had a parking lot sale where people came and sold their used cloth diapers and baby items. I honestly wasn’t impressed. But, inside the store, they have their own diaper brand. I bought a few of their Diaper Junction Pocket Diapers to see how I liked them and I absolutely loved them! Again, the legs leaked for about another month until her legs were chunkier, but I loved them. They had a stay dry layer so that she felt dry, even after she had a lot of urine. Clarissa does not like to feel wet (who can blame her?). I had been changing her diaper like every hour or even less sometimes. This way, we went a little longer because she wasn’t feeling wet as quickly. I often had to take the insert out to tell if she was wet because I could not feel it on the layer that touched her skin. I went back and bought more after a few days. I didn’t want to waste the other diapers that I had, so I started using them at night. I liked that covers didn’t leak, but I needed a way for her to feel dry. So I bought some stay dry inserts for her prefolds. That did the trick. She felt drier and slept longer.

My new routine became that I would use prefolds/covers/stay dry insert at night. I would use the pocket diapers during the day. I have the three one size covers (and the extra smalls until she was about ten weeks) with eighteen prefolds and stay dry inserts. I had ten pocket diapers from my friend that I would also use a stay dry insert for because Clarissa would easily feel wet in those. I had eight Diaper Rite Pocket Diapers. I was doing Diaper Laundry about every two days. At the forty eight hour mark, I would be out so it was a little less than two days.

I actually have less diapers now because she grew out of the diapers my friend gave me. But we got three more Diaper Junction and two of another brand for Christmas. Now I have thirteen. As far as diaper laundry goes, now I just have a schedule. I do diaper laundry every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Sundays I end up using more of the prefolds and covers during the day, but I don’t run out of diapers.

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