I am in so much trouble with these two!



Nine months ago I would not have predicted that Clarissa and Josie would be best friends. When we brought Clarissa home from the hospital, Josie was petrified. But within a few weeks, we could not keep Josie away. Every morning, Clarissa and I have to go and see Josie so Clarissa can pet her and Josie can lick back. They really are best friends.

Now that Clarissa is eating more solid foods, Josie is always very near the table at mealtime. Josie actually has Clarissa trained. When Josie begs, Clarissa shares her food. She is quite generous. Josie gets full rice crackers, spoonfuls of applesauce, whatever is in Clarissa’s hand at the moment. It doesn’t matter how much I tell Josie to go away or tell Clarissa not to feed the puppy. I am outnumbered!

The other day during naptime, I could not find Josie. There must have been a scary noise or something because I found her hiding. In Clarissa’s room. Even though the door was mostly closed. It took a while to coax Josie out of there without waking the baby. But ten minutes later she was hiding in there again, so I gave up. I don’t know how Clarissa was going to save Josie in her sleep…

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