Welcome to My Kindle Books!


I have always enjoyed writing. I started writing poetry in fourth grade. I have a story that I wrote in sixth grade that I saved so that I could make it into a novel and publish someday. I was even the editor of my high school newspaper.

When I worked as the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at my church, I didn’t feel like the curriculum available fit what our kids needed. So I prayed about it and God gave me a plan for a year. I worked there for about a year and a half and wrote most of the curriculum that we used for Sunday School. After I was laid off from that job, God told me to publish my writing. I assumed that it was so that we could use that income to support our growing family. But I’ve only sold a few books in the past year. God told me the purpose of these writings was to bless other families.

So far, I have only published things I wrote while at the church. If there are two versions of the book there is a curriculum and a family devotional. The lesson is the same in both versions. The curriculum has more follow up activities. Use whatever is a better fit for your family.

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