Colic or Food Sensitivity?


Anyone who tells you that what you eat does not affect your baby is crazy.  Maybe that’s a little harsh… 

I am fairly convinced that when babies are super cranky or colicky,  one of the main causes is what the mother is eating.  At least that is the case for us. 

When Clarissa was very young,  there were nights where she was miserable with gas pain.  Gas drops helped but we were using them a lot.  So I started a food journal.  I wrote down what I was eating and noted the time.  Then I recorded what time Clarissa nursed,  for how long,  and I kept notes about diapers and when she was fussy.  I found a pattern.  She was miserable any time that I ate corn.  That was an easy fix.  I had to stop eating corn.  At first it was a big deal because I eat gluten free so my favorite snacks are tortilla chips with cheese and popcorn.  But after cutting those snacks out of my diet,  Clarissa was rarely fussy so it was so worth it.  It has been six months and I don’t crave those snacks anymore anyway. 

We had a few scary ultrasounds with her where they were concerned about her intestines.  Toward the end of the pregnancy,  it was no longer a concern.  It is interesting to note that during the time the doctor was concerned,  I was eating a lot of Mexican food.  At the end,  I was craving potatoes.  I wonder if what I was eating affected her intestines on the day of the appointment. 

If your baby is gassy,  you can try gas drops.  I like the Little Tummies brand.  But if you want a more natural approach, I suggest a food journal.  

There are other ways that what you eat can affect baby.  For the past few months,  I have been working part time.  On the days that I work,  I have noticed that Clarissa is up way later wanting to play with me.  At first I thought it was because she missed me and needed more attention.  But then it happened on the weekend when I took her to a party and I realized the culprit… Chocolate! 

I don’t drink caffeine at all.  I have never been a coffee or soda drinker.  But the days that I work,  I stay in a room with a ton of chocolate.  So between reading groups  I munch on Reeses cups and miniature snickers bars.  

I was hoping to be wrong.  So I stopped eating chocolate. I noticed a huge difference.  Not only were bedtimes earlier,  but Clarissa was sleeping ten hours straight at night.  We were doing so well until my wonderful husband decided to surprise me.  He brought home some chocolate for me,  and I am talking good stuff.  My favorite expensive chocolate.  So I had some. You know,  just in case my chocolate theory was wrong.  Well… It wasn’t.  Midnight and we are still wide awake and full of energy.  Oops. 


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